Conclusion of the Cooperation Agreement Between the EGTCs RDV and Via Carpatia

The cooperation agreement was ceremonially signed in the boardroom of the Komárom-Esztergom County Administration. The signatories of the agreement signed on 17th September were PhDr. József Kvarda, the director of the Rába – Danube – Váh Limited Liability EGTC and Julianna Orbán Máté, the director of the Via Carpatia Limited Liability EGTC.The scope of the agreement was the fulfilment of the tasks appointed to the umbrella organizations of the Small Project Fund of the 2014-2020 Hungary-Slovakia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme.

The two EGTC directors agreed that–in accordance with the decrees of the Commission of the 2014-2020 Hungary-Slovakia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Task Force and their mutual intent – the EGTC Rába–Danube–Váh shall represent the interests of the counties in the western part of the border region, 
while the EGTC Via Carpatia shall represent the interests of the counties in the eastern part.

The 2014-2020 Hungary-Slovakia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme shall be submitted by the respective State Parties to Brussels, where the European Commission shall have 6 months to approve it, or – eventually – return it for amendment, along with the proposed modifications. The two organisations plan to use this time to prepare the management tasks of the umbrella organizations within the Small Project Fund and to build the professional and administrative capacities of both organizations to make them more effective.

The Small Project Fund comprises the whole area of the 2014-2020 HU-SK Cross-Border Cooperation Programme on both sides of the border.

It allows the target groups to gain financial grants for the implementation of micro-projects contributing to the enhancement of cross-border cooperation and solving the problems of local communities in the Slovak-Hungarian border region.

We have about 8%, i.e. € 14.658 million of the total budget of the Small Project Fund, with the budgets of the respective programs ranging from € 5,000 to € 45,000.

The specific areas, eligible for grants: cultural exchange, human resources, study proposals, economic development, environment protection, tourism, communication, other infrastructure.

József Kvarda, the director of the Rába-Danube-Váh Ltd. EGTC expressed his satisfaction and stated that the agreement shall align, simplify and improve the efficiency of the professional operations of the two groupings. He considered important to perform professional preparations and involve external experts in the implementation of the respective operating processes in the following period.