Game ECOhero


The field of ecology, sustainable development and the circular economy is currently gaining in importance. Climate change and environmental pollution pose new challenges for society and require a more responsible approach from all of us. Each of us has our future in our hands. It is therefore important to raise awareness and lead young people to behave more responsibly.
For us at EGTC Via Carpatia, educating young people in this direction is one of the priorities. That is why we have created the ECOhero mobile educational game as part of the project "Improving students' environmental responsibility!“ The game will show in an interesting and illustrative way why it is important to separate waste and take into account the environment not only for primary and secondary school students why it is important to separate waste, to take into account the environment. ECOhero is a game full of fun associated with educational elements that inspires even the smallest ones.


Download the game ECOhero for free, step on the path to change and become an ECO hero!


                                                                   The game is available on iOS and Android platforms:                           iOS                                             Android




"Implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic –  
regional development support programme'