Jövő Útja

Conference to YES project - Young Europeans are in Solidarity

We are proud that Jövő Útja Nonprofit Kft. from 23 to 27 April 2022, within the framework of the Europe for Citizens program, could host a conference of the YES project - Young Europeans are in Solidarity. The conference was attended by delegations from Malta , Italy , Portugal , Hungary and Latvia . The aim of the conference was to stimulate social and youth commitment to tackle unemployment and promote the social inclusion of disadvantaged young people; favor the exchange of know-how on European policies, favoring a cross-fertilization process; disseminate knowledge about EU decision-making and related programs; encourage the active participation of citizens, in particular of disadvantaged people and young people; promote voluntary actions.

During the event, the participants took part in workshops and conferences, which had as thematic "the future of young people in the European Union" and "the youth initiatives undertaken locally" by the participating countries. Furthermore, participants had the opportunity to discover the local culture and traditions, as well as to learn about the initiatives undertaken by the host organization.

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