You can find more information about the Small Project Fund on the following webpage: http://www.viacarpatia-spf.eu/

The Via Carpatia EGTC gained the primary role in the Small Project Fund of the Interreg V- A SK-HU Cooperation Programme. The Small Project Fund (SPF) is a tool within the cooperation programme for organizations to implement projects with small total budget.

The overall objective of the Small Project Fund (SPF) is to strengthen social cohesion across the borders by supporting local level cooperation and to establish and improve long-term collaboration between actors on both sides of the border through the support of local/regional projects..

The SPF supports the activities tending to develop the cross-border cooperation. The following activities can be supported:

  • Cultural exchange
  • Human resources
  • Planning and development studies
  • Economic development
  • Environment
  • Tourism
  • Communication

The Small Project Fund will be implemented under two priority axes of the Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Programme and must contribute to their priority objectives:

PA 1 - Nature and Culture

Specific objective 1.1: To increase the attractiveness of the border area

This Specific objective is dedicated to a better exploiting of endogenous natural and cultural potential of region trough:

  • Support sustainable development of regional and local economics
  • Increase and improve social, economic and territorial cohesion by supporting the activities in the field of culture and nature protection
  • Increase the number of visitors in the programme area

PA 4 - Enhancing cross-border cooperation of public authorities and people living in the border area

Specific objective 4.1: Improving the level of cross border inter-institutional cooperation and broadening cross border cooperation between citizens

The specific objective is dedicated to enhance social cohesion in programme area and to improve the level of inter-institutional cooperation trough:

  • Enhance cross-border cooperation and lively exchange of experience between citizens
  • Improve institutional capacities and boost interest in cross border activities
  • Improve mutual understanding and mutual approachement among the ethnic groups living in the region
  • Increase the number of long-term institutionalized partnerships
  • Increase the level of social participation on cross-border activities
  • Increase the number of common sustainable events and activities and improve the level of bilingualism in programme area

The minimum amount of a SPF project is 20.000€ and the maximum is 50.000€.

Each project needs to contribute to the result of priority axis set out in Programme manual.